My life is full of problems and terrible things have happened to me. I'm not happy so how can I laugh?

If you are unhappy, there is no point in punishing yourself forever and staying unhappy. How you feel is always a personal choice and you can change it. Laughter Yoga exercises can change your feelings and mood state within minutes.

You can laugh in the laughter club even if you are not happy and going through problems. Laughter Yoga is not about happiness, it is all about creating joy within you with some laughing and breathing exercises.
Happiness is a conditional response and depends upon fulfillment of desires and some external conditions, while joyfulness is the unconditional commitment to be happy from within.

When we approach laughter as a physical exercise, it brings physiological and biochemical changes due to release certain hormones that makes you feel good.. Once you feel good within, your state of mind will change which will further change the perception of the outer world. You will see your problems differently.

These exercises are silly and ridiculous and I feel embarrassed?

The very concept of Laughter Yoga is based on cultivating your childlike playfulness. Physical playfulness leads to playful mental attitude and one can laugh much easily while doing laughter exercises. As grown-ups we do not indulge in childlike play. We stay sober and become more serious. Therefore, initially, you may feel awkward doing these exercises and may find them silly, but as and when you get over your inhibition and shyness you will experience joy and relaxation from within. Laughter Yoga exercises are done in a group with like-minded people who believe in being joyful and playful. With supportive laughter groups you will feel very safe.

How Can I Laugh When I am Sad or Not in a Good Mood?

You don't have to depend upon your mood to do something. You can change your mood at will. This can be explained by Theory of Motion creates Emotion. If you observe sad and depressed people - they walk and talk slowly and their body movements are slower. This means that whatever happens to your mind happens to your body. Your mind and body are connected. Very few people are aware that there is this two-way link between the body and the mind.

Consider this: If you are experiencing sadness in the mind, try to keep your body active, by doing some exercises or engage yourself in some physical work. Soon you will experience change in the state of mind.
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